Faraway Home - Novel by Marilyn Taylor

Copies of this Novel are available from Down County Museum as part of the Finding Refuge Project.

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Faraway Home, by award winning author, Marilyn Taylor, is based on true events, describing the real experiences of young refugees who came to Northern Ireland during World War Two.


Children will enjoy the story while teachers will find it helpful in stimulating imagination and empathy and in increasing understanding of discrimination and how war affected children in different ways. It brings to life what it was like to be a Jewish child during the war. The web-links and resources provided here make the novel easily accessible for teachers and pupils.

Summary of Novel

Karl and Rosa's family watch in horror as Hitler’s troops parade down the streets of their home city -- Vienna. It has become very dangerous to be a Jew in Austria, and, Karl and Rosa's parents decide to send the children away from Nazi danger.

Isolated and homesick, Karl ends up on a run-down farm in Millisle, which has become a Jewish refugee centre.

Hard work keeps Karl occupied, although waiting desperately for any news from home. He makes friends with locals Peewee and Wee Billy, and with Judy from neutral Dublin. These young people from different religions, cultures and backgrounds come to understand each other. This is a moving and atmospheric story of the horrors of war, of young people coping with racist violence, homesickness and loss, and learning to face a difficult future with courage and hope.

"It is a story which, like Anne Frank's diary, brings home to us all the horrific misery inflicted by the Nazis -- and the need to ensure that we never allow it to happen again."Lord Janner, QC, Holocaust Educational Trust
"'It conveys brilliantly the insecurities of children in a refugee situation, charts an interesting aspect of Irish history and provides sharp insights into the difficulties facing refugees."Anglo Celt Newspaper