The Children's Stories

Larry's Story

Larry Kitzier was the youngest of the children to live on the farm.



Edith's Story

Edith Kohner was the wife of Franz, the farm administrator who escaped from Czechoslovakia in 1939. Edith and her family settled in Northern Ireland after the war.


Walter's Story

Walter Kammerling escaped on a Kindertransport from Vienna in 1939 and came to the farm.Read his fascinating story and examine unique images.

Ruth's Story

Ruth Kohner is the daughter of Edith and Franz, administrators of the farm.She shares memories of her early life on the farm. She still lives in Belfast.

Bobbie's Story

Bobbie Hackworth was a pupil at Millisle Primary School during the war years and friend of the refugees.

Ivan's Story

Dr Ivan Goldblatt, a retired doctor and son of Harold Goldblatt tells of his friendship with Walter, a boy from the farm.

Linda's Story

Linda Patterson, current principal of Millisle Primary school plays a vital role in passing on the story.

Gert's Story

Gert Jacobowitz another farm resident, was only ten when he became a refugee from Berlin, saved by the Kindertransport.