Key Stage 2

Life_in_Early_Times.jpgWe provide a number of pre-bookable, guide led, active learning visits for Key Stage 2 classes.

Visits last between one and a half and two hours. 

Life in Early Times

Find out more about the first settlers in Ireland and discover how archaeologists uncover the past.

St Patrick and the Early Christian Church

Explore the image of St Patrick and his legacy to us. Discover the museum’s collection of Early Christian objects and find out more about life in a monastery.

Life in Viking Times

Investigate evidence for the Vikings and learn what Viking objects can tell us about home life, decoration and warfare.

Victorian Lives and Times

Explore Victorian objects and images to discover how local people lived. Learn about work, leisure, homes and children’s lives.

Downpatrick: Our Town

Explore our historic town and discover how Downpatrick has developed over time. Learn more about some of the people who have lived here from Early Christian monks and craftspeople, to child prisoners and school pupils. Museum staff led interactive guided walk.

Religious and Cultural Identity

Explore objects and resources from the world’s major religions and find out more about the diversity of faith and culture in County Down today and in the past.

Self-guided Visits

You may wish to take your class to the Museum for a self-guided visit. Let us know when you are coming and we will book you in.

Contact the Community Education Manager, Linda McKenna if you require assistance with specific projects or if you wish to arrange a customised visit. Telephone: +44 (0)330 137 4049 or email: