New Exhibition - When We Were Young

When We Were Young: New exhibition opens At Down County Museum
Down County Museum opened a new exhibition on childhood in the past on 14 December.  When We Were Young, explores the changing nature of childhood in the past and today and how children’s lives have been transformed by changes in welfare, education and the law.
The concept of childhood has changed dramatically over the past few centuries, mirroring the advances and changing attitudes of society.   In the past, childhood was short and children were introduced to the harsh realities of the adult world with little time given to fun and learning. Today, childhood is perceived to be a time of innocence reserved for play, education and imagination.  When We Were Young explores the creation of the modern concept of childhood and chronicles the changes that are responsible for improving our schools and homes. The exhibition has sections on children’s toys and games, children in the workforce, young prisoners in the old Gaol of Down, children’s experiences of war, gender roles and much more.  A wide range of objects and documents are on display including a large selection of toys and games from the museum’s collection. These include dolls, action figures, teddy bears and other soft toys, board games and books, computer based toys, wooden toys, train sets and construction toys. Children’s clothing is also on display with objects ranging from Victorian and Edwardian baby clothes, to twentieth century school uniform.
The Chairman of Newry. Mourne and Down District Council, Councillor Mark Murnin said ‘This exhibition provides a fascinating insight into how attitudes to childhood have changed over time. In addition, the exhibition is sure to evoke many memories of the toys and games we all had and will provide a great day out for families from grandparents to little ones. I would encourage everyone to come along and enjoy, When We Were Young’ .