Prisoner Details - Australia

Surname ALONE
Forename Daniel
DOB c1813
Place of Trial Down
Date of Trial 25 Mar 1830
Sentence Life
Native County Tyrone
Occupation Labourer, reaps & milks
Age 17yrs
Religion Catholic
Crime Highway robbery
Ship Andromeda 11 (1)
Departure Date Cork 28 Aug 1830
Arrival Date 18 Dec 1830
Married in UK/ROI No
Married in Colony Catherine LYNCH
Children in Colony Michael Daniel (1857-); Catherine (1861-1863);Elle
Date of Marriage in Colony 26 July 1856 at Ipswich, Queensland.
Assigned to Work Cornelius PROUT, Liverpool.
Ticket to Leave 45/641 at Moreton Bay, Queensland.
Pardon 592 in 1850
District Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Queensland.