Booklist: transportation to Australia

The following is a list of books held in the museum library on transportation to Australia

Akenson, Donald Harman, The Irish Diaspora, a Primer (Belfast: The Institute of Irish Studies 1993). ISBN 0-85389-499-X

Bateson, Charles, The Convict Ships, 1787-1868 (Glasgow: Brown, Son and Ferguson Ltd 1969)

Cobley, John, The Crimes of the Lady Juliana Convicts, 1790 (Sydney: Library of Australian History 1989). ISBN 0-908120-72-9

Costello, Con, Botany Bay, the Story of the Convicts Transported from Ireland to Australia, 1791-1853 (Dublin: The Mercier Press 1987). ISBN 0-85342-808-5

Crawford, R.M., Australia (London: Hutchinson’s University Library 1952)

Damousi, Joy, Depraved and Disorderly, Female Convicts, Sexuality and Gender in Colonial Australia (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1997). ISBN 0-521-58723-9

Davis, Richard (ed), ‘To Solitude Consigned’, the Tasmanian Journal of William Smith O’Brien, 1849-1853 (Sydney: Crossing Press 1995). ISBN 0-646-22784-X

Davis, Richard, William Smith O’Brien, Ticket-of-Leave, New Norfolk (Hobart: Centre for Tasmanian Historical Studies 1996). ISBN 0-859016-56-0

Fitzpatrick, D., Irish Emigration, 1801-1921 (Ireland: The Economic and Social History Society of Ireland 1985). ISBN 0-947897-00-3

Fitzpatrick, David, Oceans of Consolation, Personal Accounts of Irish Migration to Australia (USA: Cornell University Press 1994). ISBN 0-8014-2606-5

Flynn, Michael, The Second Fleet, Britain’s Grim Convict Armada of 1790 (Sydney: Library of Australian History 1993). ISBN 0-908120-83-4

Grimes, Seamus and O Tuathaigh, Gearoid (ed), The Irish-Australian Connection (Proceedings of the Irish-Australian Bicentenary Conference, University College Galway 1988). ISBN 0-9514844-0-0

Howard, Patrick, To Hell or to Hobart, a New Insight into Irish Convict History (Australia: Kangaroo Press 1993). ISBN 0-86417-668-6

Kociumbas, Jan, The Oxford History of Australia, Volume Two, 1770-1860 (Melbourne: Oxford University Press Australia 1992). ISBN 0-19-554610-5

McClaughlin, Trevor, Barefoot and Pregnant? Irish Famine Orphans in Australia (Melbourne: The Genealogical Society of Victoria Inc. 1991). ISBN 0-949672-25-4

McClaughlin, Trevor, From Shamrock to Wattle, Digging Up Your Irish Ancestors (Sydney: William Collins Pty Ltd 1985). ISBN 0-00-217-330-1

McIlhatton, James, The Ulster Emigrants (London: Ameron Publications 1992). ISBN 1-874191-01-8

McLaren-Turner, Patricia (ed), Australian and New Zealand Studies, Papers Presented at a Colloquium at the British Library 7-9 February 1984 (London: The British Library 1985). ISBN 0-7123-0048-1

Meredith, John, The Donahoe Ballads (Australia: Red Rooster Press 1982)
Meredith, John, The Wild Colonial Boy, Bushranger Jack Donahoe, 1806-1830 (Australia: Red Rooster Press 1982). ISBN 0-908247-04-4

Mitchell, Brian (ed), Australia, the Early Years, from Reports in the Derry Journal (Derry: Genealogy Centre 1988). ISBN 0-9513318-0-9

O’Brian, John and Travers, Pauric, The Irish Emigrant Experience in Australia (Ireland: Poolbeg Press Ltd 1991). ISBN 1-85371-129-2

O’Farrell, Patrick, Letters from Irish Australia, 1825-1929 (Published jointly by New South Wales University Press, Australia, and Ulster Historical Foundation, Belfast, 1984). ISBN 0-901905-32-1

O’Farrell, Patrick, The Irish in Australia (Australia: New South Wales University Press 1987). ISBN 0-86840-146-3

O’Farrell, Patrick, Through Irish Eyes, Australian and New Zealand Images of the Irish, 1788-1948 (Australia: Aurora Books 1994). ISBN 1-86355-042-9

O’Farrell, Patrick, Vanished Kingdoms, Irish in Australia and New Zealand, a Personal Excursion (Australia: New South Wales University Press 1990). ISBN 0-86840-148-X

Oldham, Wilfrid (ed), Britain’s Convicts to the Colonies (Sydney: Library of Australian History 1990). ISBN 0-908120-77-X

O Luing, Sean, The Catalpa Rescue (Ireland: Anvil Books 1965). ISBN 0-900068-84-1

Oxley, Deborah, Convict Maids, the Forced Migration of Women to Australia (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1996). ISBN 0-521-44131-5

Patrick, Ross and Heather, Exiles Undaunted, the Irish Rebels Kevin and Eva O’Doherty (Australia: University of Queensland Press 1989). ISBN 0-7022-2223-2

Reese, Bob (ed), Exiles from Erin, Convict Lives in Ireland and Australia (Dublin: Gill and Macmillan Ltd 1991). ISBN 0-7171-1922-X

Reid, Richard, Down Under, County Down Links with Australia (Downpatrick: Down County Museum 1990)

Reilly, Bernard, A True History of Bernard Reilly, a Returned Convict (Facsimile of a pamphlet in the collections of the National Library of Australia) (Canberra: National Library of Australia 1988). ISBN 0-642-10454-9

Robson, L.L., The Convict Settlers of Australia, an Enquiry into the Origin and Character of the Convicts Transported to New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land 1787-1852 (Melbourne: Melbourne University Press 1965). ISBN 0-522-83994-0

Ross, Valerie (ed), The Everingham Letterbook, Letters of a First Fleet Convict (Australia: Anvil Press 1985). ISBN 0-9590987-3-9

Shaw, A.G.L., Convicts and the Colonies, a Study of Penal Transportation from Great Britain and Ireland to Australia and Other Parts of the British Empire (Melbourne: Melbourne University Press 1964). ISBN 0-522-84114-7

Sherer, John (ed), The Gold-Finder of Australia; How He Went, How He Fared, and How He Made His Fortune (London: Salisbury, Beeton, and Co. 1853)

Smith, Babette, A Cargo of Women, Susannah and the Convicts of the Princess Royal (Australia: New South Wales University Press 1988). ISBN 0-86840-067-X
Trainor, Brian (ed), Researching Irish Australians, Directory of Research with Will Abstracts and Gravestone Inscriptions (Belfast: Ulster Historical Foundation 1998). ISBN 0-901905-90-9