Descendants of John (Browne) Brown and Ann Morrison

Australian researcher Noelene Williams has traced the history of Ann Morrison who was transported from Down Gaol in 1820.  Noelene is a descendant of Ann's.  Below are the results of her research.

Generation No. 1

John (Browne) Brown was born about 1788 in Co. Waterford, Ireland, and died 9 July 1835 in Campbelltown.  He married Ann Morrison 24 May 1823 in R/C St. Mary's Sydney.  She was born about 1788 in Downpatrick, Co. Down, Ireland, and died 19 June 1858 in Narellan.

John (Browne) Brown:
A convict. Tried Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Waterford in 1811. Sentenced to transportation for life for his part in armed robbery and for belonging to a secret agrarian society called The Caravests.  He was transported per "Archduke Charles" arriving in the Colony in 1813. He was granted a Conditional Pardon in 1820 for good conduct while employed on roads over the mountains.
In 1813-1814 John was a convict, off stores, assigned to Nicholas Devine, Government overseer on a  small farm at Petersham.
1816 Assigned to Andrew Doyle, a well established family at Lower Portland.
1818 Selected by William Cox to work on road over mountains.
Conditional Pardon given as a result of hard work on road.
1819 Laboured on farm at Liverpool. Then to Upper Minto. Comes into money on death of father in Ireland. Granted 30 acres at West Bargo. Not good land. Then gets 200 acres and prospers.
1830 Petitions for more land. Refused.
Begins to buy land. 40 acres at Liberty Plains. Ruby Street Yagoona is the place. First granted to Father S. Terry. Buys land at Campbelltown.
1830 Lot 4. One of first 5 allotted town blocks. Between Allman & Dumuresque Street through Queen to Oxley Streets. Buys 10 acres from William Howe, Campbelltown Police Magistrate. A corner lot near Junction at Narellan. Brick house on lot was then named and registered as "Currency Lass" at Upper Minto. Had two hotels in Sydney. One in York Street,  "Princess Charlotte" , and one in Pitt Street, Sydney.
In John's will, Samuel and William got half each. Ann has trust of estate until her death. Daughters got land at Cowpastures. William got 40 acres at Liberty Plains and a lot at Campbelltown.
Samuel got land at Bargo and "Currency Lass".  Ann and Samuel keep "Currency Lass" till 1840. They start issuing promisary notes, can't pay bills. Fined 600 pounds. Courts claimed land.
Ann and Samuel sold up to pay debts.  William's land not touched or the girls land at Cowpastures.
1872 William sells the land at Cowpastures. It was given to the girls originally but Margaret died 1858 and Mary Ann died in 1860 at Cooma.
Various occupations of labourer, farmer,innkeeper.
He was buried at St. John's R/C Church graveyard at Campbelltown. Age given as 40. Headstone inscription. "In memory of John Brown who died July 9 1835 aged 40 years leaving a wife and four children."

Ann Morrison:
Sent to Colony as a convict . Tried Down March 1820. Passing forged notes. Sentence 14 years transportation. Held in Down County Gaol together with her son Samuel prior to their transfer to Cork. They arrived per convict ship "John Bull" in 1821.
Ann died of old age, 70 years of age. Widow of a farmer and Innkeeper. Informant at death was son William who gave children as Mary Ann age 32, William age 30 & Margaret deceased. No mention of Samuel. Ann is buried with her husband & three grandchildren in St. John's R/C Church graveyard at Campbelltown outside Sydney on 21st June 1858.
Headston inscription. "Sacred to the memory of Anne Brown
                Who departed this life
                June 19 1858
                Aged 70 years
                May the Lord have mercy
                Upon her soul.

                A tender mother she has been  But many troubles she has seen
And now her body lies here at rest  We hope that Christ her soul will bless.

Also Charles Brown died January 12 1861 Aged 2 years
And Mary Brown died February 5 1862 Aged 1 year and 6 months.
Children of John Brown and Ann Morrison are:

i.Samuel (Browne/Smith) Brown, born 2 January 1819 in Downpatrick, Co. Down, Ireland; died 19 November 1870 in "The Lodge", Harrington Park.  He married Harriet (Tomsett) Thomset 17 April 1849 in Cobbity; born 27 March 1830 in Yalding, Kent. UK; died 28 July 1916 in Campbelltown.

Samuel (Browne/Smith) Brown:
Original name Samuel Smith son of Ann. Samuel butchered cattle for his half brother William, a butcher. John left most to William, then Samuel with Ann trustee. Samuel and Ann lost all in a time of bad debts and mismanagement. William's property not touched.Samuel and his family were living at Harrington Park, Camden at the time of his death. His occupation is given as carpenter.
Not mentioned on his mothers' death certificate.
Samuels' death certificate states two males and one female deceased.
Burial: Campbelltown Cemetery. R/C Section.

Harriet (Tomsett) Thomset:
Harriet, her father, stepmother and sisters migrated to Colony in 1841.
On death certificate of Samuel she is Harriett Smith alias Brown.
Burial: Campbelltown Cemetery. Congegational Section.

  ii. Margaret Brown, born 9 February 1825 in Ch. date. Upper Minto; died 1858 in Deniliquin. Parents unknown. Reg. No. 3345.

  iii. Mary Ann Brown, born 14 July 1826 in Airds; died 26 August 1860 in Bobundara Creek near Cooma.  She married Charles Turner 30 March 1846 in Mt. Piper (Bukalong) Delegate; born Abt. 1820 in UK; died 23 November 1872 in Cooma Cottage Hospital.
Baptised at Airds 2nd November 1826.
Burial: Bobundara Cemetery R/C.

Charles Turner:
Charles came to the Colony a convict. He was tried at Cambridge on 7th April 1837 and sentenced to 7 years transportation. He arrived per "Emma Eugenia" which departed Portsmouth on 6th November 1837 and arrived Sydney on 9th February 1838.
He received his Ticket of Leave in 1842 T/L 42/1995 at Maneroo (Monaro).
Occupation: Carrier.
Burial: Cooma R/C Cemetery.

  iv. William John Brown, born 24 January 1828 in Campbelltown; died 17 June 1904 in 3 Carshalton St. Croydon.  He married Margaret Elizabeth Terrance 11 October 1853 in R/C Parish of St. John, Campbelltown.County of Cumberland. NSW.; born 26 December 1833 in Baptised this day. Place of ceremony not on certificate.St. Mary's Cathedral Registration. Sydney.; died 23 May 1902 in "Altona" Bland St. Ashfield.
Baptised 4 March 1828 by Fr. J.J. Therry.
William was a butcher, teamster and labourer. Resided at Cowpastures, Campbelltown at time of marriage. Lived later at Bathurst.
On death cert. of son James Charles, William is called "William John".
He died at home of his daughter Rosannah, 3 Carshalton St. Croydon. Cause of death was heart failure, senility and paralysis.
Burial: 20 June 1904, R/C Cemetery, Campbelltown.

Margaret Elizabeth Terrance:
Born Narellan. Name spelt Terence. NSW. Died at home of her daughter Rosannah McDonald.
Cause of death was cardiac failure and epilepsy.
Burial: 25 May 1902, R/C Cemetery, Campbelltown.