Saint Patrick

In 1984, the museum opened its first public gallery with an exhibition about St Patrick. This explained, in a very simple way, the story of the real St Patrick. The exhibitions have changed since then but the museum now holds an important collection of Early Christian objects, including carved stone cross slabs on loan from the Select Vestry of Saul Church.

In addition to the artifacts of that period, the museum is interested in other material relating to St Patrick, such as works of art, commemorative material and publications.

Downpatrick now hosts major celebrations on St Patrick's Day each year, with one of the largest parades in Ireland. It is one of the busiest dates in our events calendar, when we generally welcome between 2000-3500 visitors. There are always lots of activities for families - come and join us!


You can see three representations of St Patrick above: on the left is Young St Patrick by Imogen Stuart; in the centre a 19th-century Staffordshire pottery figure; and on the right St Patrick’s Breastplate by Oisín Kelly. All these are on permanent exhibition in the museum.

Visitors to the museum can take a stroll to the Cathedral where Saint Patrick is believed to be buried or visit the new Saint Patrick Centre, both of which are within easy walking distance of the museum.

Useful Links for further Information

The Saint Patrick Centre
Official website for the st patrick visitors centre in Downpatrick.


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