Down Surveys - 2000 Edition

  • Foreword
    Introduction to the Millennium Issue
  • St Patrick's Breastplate
    Photograph and description of Oisin Kelly's bronze sculpture "Saint Patrick's Breastplate"
  • What the pilgrim saw.....Cormac Bourke
    Discussion on the characteristics of the display of Saints insignia - crosses, bells, croziers in early Irish Christian tradition.
  • Early Christian cross slabs in Down County Museum.....M. Lesley Simpson
    Cross slabs in Down Museum - description and pictures.
  • St Malachy.....Reamonn Ó Muirí
    Life of the Saint (1095-1149)
  • From monastic to secular.....A S K Abraham
    An anatomy of two early modern estates in south-east Ulster and north Louth: the Bagenals in Newry and the Carlingford region and the Cromwells in Lecale.
  • 'The ingenious Mr Hutcheson'.....Philip Orr
    An essay on a neglected Scots-Irishman.
  • The 'alarming' Edward Smyth.....Robin Roddie
    Story of a controversial pastor and his travails in Castleward.
  • John Wesley and Primitive Physic.....H W Gallagher
    The story of a home medical dictionary in the Down Museum authored by John Wesley, founder of Methodism.
  • James Connelly's angels.....Finbar McCormick
    The life and works of a gravestone carver from Burren in the nineteenth century.
  • William Crolly, Archbishop of Armagh 1835-49.....Ambrose Macauley
    The life, works and trials of the man from Ballykilbeg.
  • Presbyterian Communion tokens.....W D Bailie
    Origin of and variation in the tokens in posession of the Museum.
  • Zula the Greek.....Joseph Cooper
    History of the establishment of Kilwarlin Monrovian Church and the strange story of Basil Patras Zula, the Greek, and how he came to Kilwarlin - not forgetting the representation of the Battle of Thermopylae in the church grounds.
  • Down Cathedral ruins - a newly discovered painting.....J Frederick Rankin
    Continuation of the 1997 Down Survey article "The Round Tower of Down" following the acquisition of an oil painting from a former Downpatrick family.
  • 'He hath covered me with the robe of righteousness'.....Madleine McAllister
    A Bible Quilt.
  • A Quaker library.....Susan Mannion
    The story of a wideranging collection of Quaker books in the Philip B. Watson Library, Craigavon and some of the colourful characters who contributed to it.
  • From Down to Dohnauvur: The life of Amy Carmichael.....Myrtle Hill
    The story of a girl from Millisle who devoted her life to the welfare of children in southern India.
  • Christianity and Irish museums.....Brian S Turner
    Dissertation on the role, if any, of museums in the representing religion through material objects.
  • 'What a friend we have in Jesus'
    The well known hymn written by Joseph Scriven, born near Banbridge.