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    Booklist: the 1798 Rising

    The following is a list of books held in the museum library on the 1798 Rising.


    Blackstock, Allan, An Ascendancy Army, the Irish Yeomanry, 1796-1834 (Dublin: Four Courts Press 1998). ISBN 1-85182-329-8

    Clifford, Brendan (ed), Selections from the Writings of William Steel Dickson, the Most Influential United Irishman of the North (Belfast: Athol Books 1991). ISBN 0-85034-044-6

    Clifford, Brendan (ed), The Causes of the Rebellion in Ireland (1798) and Other Writings by Rev. Thomas Ledlie Birch, United Irishman (Belfast: Athol Books 1991). ISBN 0-85034-046-2
    Collins, Peter, Who Fears to Speak of ’98? Commemoration and the Continuing Impact of the United Irishmen (Belfast: Ulster Historical Foundation 2004). ISBN 1-903688-23-X

    Dickson, Charles, Revolt in the North, Antrim and Down in 1798 (Dublin: Clonmore and Reynolds Ltd 1960)

    Durey, Michael (ed), Andrew Bryson’s Ordeal, an Epilogue to the 1798 Rebellion (Cork: Cork University Press 1998). ISBN 1-85918-144-9

    Elliott, Marianne, Partners in Revolution, the United Irishmen and France (New Haven and London: Yale University Press 1989). ISBN 0-300-04302-3

    Foy, R. H., Remembering all the Orrs, the Story of the Orr Families of Antrim and their Involvement in the 1798 Rebellion (Belfast: Ulster Historical Foundation 1999). ISBN 0-901905-95-X

    Gahan, Daniel, Rebellion! Ireland in 1798 (Dublin: The O’Brien Press 1998). ISBN 0-86278-548-0

    Gahan, Daniel, The People’s Rising, Wexford, 1798 (Dublin: Gill and Macmillan 1995). ISBN 0-7171-2323-5

    Hill, Murtle, Turner, Brian and Dawson, Kenneth (ed), 1798 Rebellion in County Down (Northern Ireland: Colour Point Books in association with Down County Museum and the Hearts of Down 1998). ISBN 1-898392-44-7

    Keogh, Daire and Furlong, Nicholas (ed), The Women of 1798 (Dublin: Four Courts Press 1998). ISBN 1-85182-358-7

    Killen, John (ed), The Decade of the United Irishmen, Contemporary Accounts 1791-1801 (Belfast: The Backstaff Press 1997). ISBN 0-85640-611-2

    Madden, Dr., Antrim and Down in ’98, the Lives of Henry Joy McCracken, James Hope, William Putnam McCabe, Rev. James Porter and Henry Munro (London: Burns Oates and Washbourne Ltd)

    McCoy, Jack, Ulster’s Joan of Arc, an Examination of the Betsy Gray Story (Bangor, Northern Ireland: North Down Borough Council Visitors and Heritage Centre 1989). ISBN 9508654-1-9

    Pakenham, Thomas, The Year of Liberty, the Great Irish Rebellion of 1798 (London: Weidenfeld and Nicholson). ISBN 0-297-82386-8

    Power, Patrick C, The Courts Martial of 1798-9 (Dublin: The Irish Historical Press). ISBN 0-902057-00-7

    Quinn, James, Soul on Fire, a Life of Thomas Russell (Dublin: Irish Academic Press 2002). ISBN 0-7165-2732-4

    Reid, Archie R. (ed), 1798-1998, the Liberty Tree, the Story of the United Irishmen in and around the Borough of Newtownabbey (Northern Ireland: Newtownabbey Borough Council 1998). ISBN 0-9533373-0-8

    Stewart, A. T. Q., A Deeper Silence, the Hidden Origins of the United Irishmen (Belfast: The Blackstaff Press 1998). ISBN 0-85640-642-2

    Stewart, A. T. Q., The Summer Soldiers, the 1798 Rebellion in Antrim and Down (Belfast: The Blackstaff Press 1995). ISBN 0-85640-558-2

    Teeling, Charles Hamilton, History of the Irish Rebellion of 1798; a Personal Narrative (Glasgow: Cameron, Ferguson and Co 1828)

    The Insurgent Chief, or, The Pikemen of ’98, a Romance of the Irish Rebellion (Glasgow: Cameron, Ferguson and Co)

    Wilsdon, Bill, The Sites of the 1798 Rising in Antrim and Down (Belfast: The Blackstaff Press 1997). ISBN 0-85640-615-5

    Woods, C. J. (ed), Journals and Memoirs of Thomas Russell 1791-5 (Ireland: Irish Academic Press and Belfast: The Linen Hall Library 1991). ISBN 0-7165-2482-1

    Young, Robert M., Ulster in ’98, Episodes and Anecdotes (Northern Ireland: Davidson Books)