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    Convict Sources

    Sources used to create the Down convict database

    This is a general rundown of research material used by Noelene Williams to create her database of over 1300 convicts from County Down:

    Convict Shipping Indents from UK & Ireland 1788 to1849.
    About 598 vessels and 33 microfilm reels
    About 120 vessels to Van Diemens Land.
    State Records and Tasmanian Papers at Dixon Library in The Mitchell Library, which is our State Library and repository.
    Checked every Ticket of Leave Butt and Certificate of Freedom where I picked up a lot of extra convicts. (Some Indents did not have much info on them.)
    Conditional & Absolute Pardons, Passports (allowing convicts to travel outside their district) Tickets of Exemption from Govt. labour.
    Permission to marry. Convicts had to seek official permission.
    Musters:1800-1802;1805-1806;1811;1814;1822 &1837.
    1828 Census:The only census that has been saved  from destruction. 
    Shipping lists to and from Norfolk Island, Newcastle, Moreton Bay, Port Macquarie and Van Diemens Land.
    Gaol records.
    Medical Establishments.
    Cockatoo Island Penal Establishment.
    Colonial Secretary Letters, In and Out.
    Applications for families to join.
    Female Factory, Hyde Park Barracks, Carter Barracks records.
    Convict death register.
    Norfolk Island records.
    Birth Death & Marriage indexes.
    Pre 1856 BDM's. (Copies of original records checked.)
    Government Gazettes.
    Colonial Trials and court records.